To upload a single prescription, you must do the following:  

  • Open RxToMe app
  • On the Dashboard screen, tap the “Upload” button
  • To upload a prescription, you have two options: Choose from your photo library OR Take a photo of your prescription
  • Tap on your preference, then tap “Next”.
  • If you selected “Choose from my photo library”, the RxToMe app will ask you to access your photo library. Tap “Allow”.
  • Next, select the image you want to upload.
  • If you selected “Take a photo", the RxToMe app will ask to access your camera.  When taking the picture, make sure that the images are clear and all information is being captured in it. Keep in mind that if the information shown in the picture uploaded is not clear, your prescription order is going to be denied by the Pharmacy and will delay the process. 
  • Once you’ve selected your prescription image or uploaded your prescription image, select the insurance you are going to use for this prescription. You can use the same insurance you set on your profile or "add an additional insurance". If your insurance doesn't cover that medication, you can choose "pay out of my pocket". Then tap "Next".  
  • Verify the Doctor's information. Then tap next. 
  •  To process your order, RxToMe will ask you to sign an authorization to transfer your prescription to one of our Licensed Pharmacies in your state. Tap on the switch button to agree to the terms and click "Finish".

After this process, a License Pharmacy from our network will contact you to verify your insurance information go through any co-pay if needed, and coordinate the delivery.