You can see the status of your prescriptions on your dashboard.  When the status is "In Progress", means that your prescription has been accepted by one of our Pharmacy Partners and is getting it ready.  If the status shows as "Shipped", you can wait between 1 to 2 weeks to arrive at your doorstep.  If your prescription status changed to "Denied", you'll receive a phone call from a RxToMe User Succes Representative to help you address what could have gone wrong. You will be notified by email the reason why your prescription has been denied by your pharmacy. The reasons can be among:

  • Wrong Patient Information
  • Wrong Insurance Information
  • Medication requested doesn't match with prescriptions on file
  • Insurance not accepted
  • Photo not legible

Your prescription status will change to "Shipped" when the pharmacy sends your medications to delivery. Once your prescription is delivered, the status will turn into "Completed".